Developing a Statewide Association for Social-Emotional and Character Development

CSCD@RU is working with the Education Information and Resource Center (EIRC) to develop an independent association of members who share a vision of education devoted to developing life-long learners who are caring people and responsible citizens prepared to enter the global society.

The association will be dedicated to educating its members regarding pertinent research, fostering the utilization of best practices, facilitating the exchange of resources and ideas, and promoting and advocating for the importance of our mission. 

The association’s inaugural events will be two statewide/regional conferences on May 27, 2008 (at Rutgers University in Piscataway, NJ) and June 4, 2008 (at EIRC in Sewell, NJ). For more information, contact CSCD@RU at 732.445.7504.