Making Character Work: The Seven Guideposts

The Seven Guideposts form a process framework for social and character development in schools. They have been designed to assist educators in mapping out their journey toward comprehensive changes in school climate and culture. The Guideposts are based on the experience of the Center for Social and Character Development (CSCD) at Rutgers University in working with a wide variety of schools involved in implementing character education over a number of years. Read more

First, see how
your school
is doing in the
Guidepost process
by taking this
brief quiz.
Next, continue
learning more about
the results of the
quiz by reading
more on the 7
Guideposts and
how each one
affects your school's
social and
character education

Then, as you think
about how you and
your school community
desire to move forward,
keep these helpful
hints in mind and
refer to the checklists.