What Parents Can Do

3 - Take action

Things you can do:

At home

  • Provide frequent opportunities to care, share and help each other;
  • Celebrate your child's progress in developing social and emotional skills;
  • Model the behaviors you want your child to adopt;
  • Read and discuss stories that help your child understand how people deal with common issues or resolve conflicts.

In partnership with your school

  • Serve on the Character Education committee or district-level advisory board;
  • Provide input on the development of your school's code of student conduct;
  • Participate in forums to address issues on character education;
  • Volunteer to participate in your child's service-learning activities.

In partnership with your local PTA/PTO

  • Join or establish a PTA/PTO character education committee;
  • Advocate for inclusion of character education in your child's school;
  • Share success stories.  What positive habits, attitudes and behaviors have you observed your child develop?