Lesson Plans

Let's face it, teachers are busy people. All of us know that building character is most effective when it is tied to the curriculum - when the character education is actually linked to what the students learn each day, not something they have "every other Friday." Unfortunately, most of us do not have the time with the other demands on us to design really high quality character education lessons. We have compiled several lesson plans that are available for your use.

Now is the time to browse through this section and discover a plan that you might use in your classes. The plans connect character education with the curriculum content from various disciplines and different grades, but most of them can be easily adapted to meet the needs of another level or subject.

Effective lessons that develop character may promote citizenship, prompt ethical decision-making, explore the actions of role models or get students involved in meaningful service-learning. Many creative teachers have generously shared their magic with the hope that you will find new and exciting ways to develop thoughtful and caring students. These treasures are golden - they list the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.