Funding and Grants

In an ideal world, every school would have adequate funding to implement and sustain an effective character education program. Unfortunately, we live in a far from ideal world. But fortunately, successful character education often depends more on the investment of time and committed personnel than on costly supplies. A great potential source of support is the grant; often, applying for one is not a difficult process as long as you don't have to attempt the task at the last minute. This section provides explanations of funding opportunities that are available as well as the due dates for the applications.

Some may find the work of applying for a grant just too overwhelming. As an extra help to you, we have provided some tips to help you through the daunting task. A word of advice: assess your needs carefully before attempting the application so you will have funds available to address concerns that really affect your school or district. Doing so will also make the grant-writing a whole lot easier.

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