Evaluation & Assessment

It is unfortunate that the high-stakes associated with testing these days has prompted the word "assessment" to strike fear in our hearts. We often associate assessment with the #2 pencils and bubble sheets that shape our students' futures. Ironically, assessment is the most important tool that we have when educating for character. Even before we start, we should find out through assessment what our school is doing right and what we should seek to improve. It guides us through the action phase, telling us what's okay, and what needs to be tweaked. Lastly, it helps us to reflect on our progress and to present the results of our work both to the school and the larger community. The examples in this section should help you through this important process, a process that is often overlooked.

Note: the Quality Standards, the rubric that the Character Education Partnership uses in judging applicants for its National Schools of Character competition, is an easy way to assess your progress during any stage of your program.