ASD Quick Facts:

  • ASD is one of the fastest growing developmental disabilities in America.
  • An estimated one in 68 children nationally and one in 41 in New Jersey have an ASD diagnosis.
  • Services for adults with autism diminish greatly after high school.
  • Rutgers is committed to becoming a national leader in support of adults with ASD.

THE RUTGERS CENTER FOR ADULT AUTISM SERVICES will offer adults with ASD a one-of-a-kind support program that makes an independent and fulfilling life possible. Simultaneously, it will advance research and ensure that each year, a cadre of graduates leaves Rutgers prepared to enter careers in support of this underserved population.

Located on Rutgers’ Douglass Campus and led by the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology, the center will feature a comprehensive program that is designed to support adults ages 21 to 60 with mild to moderate ASD through a wide range of services specifically tailored to meet their individual needs.

The center will be staffed by a highly experienced senior team and trained graduate students with programs that will provide the support needed for all participants to fully integrate into Rutgers and the surrounding community. From vocational training to social support and clinical services, the center will equip program participants with the tools they need to enhance and maintain autonomy—all while engaging students in innovative training and facilitating translational research to inform best practices going forward.